Surecheck – Marketing

Industry: Pharmaceutical

Marketing Services Offered: Instagram Management

Problem: Surecheck is one of the biggest pregnancy test brands in the world. The brand promises 99% accuracy and can be used at anytime of the day. The Surecheck test is developed with special Collodial Gold Technology which guarantees over 99% accuracy from day one of the missed period.

The B Online team has been assigned responsibility over the Surecheck Worldwide Instagram account.

Solution: The goal of the Surecheck Instagram account is to create brand awareness around the Surecheck brand and its product offering. Furthermore, the account acts as a safe space for women across the world sharing stories of being pregnant/not pregnant as well as general education surrounding health.

The B Online marketing team works together to incorporate Surecheck’s Corporate Identity into posts by designing icons that match the brands colour scheme. However, emphasis is also placed on using “real imagery” to complement stories of real people featured on the account.