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6 Benefits of Digital Marketing

Whether you’re a small or large corporation, investing in digital marketing can drive valuable results for your business at an affordable cost. Wondering how and why? See our top 6 benefits of digital marketing and get ready to improve your business in no time! Digital Marketing is Cost-effective Marketing, in whatever form, is one of the key activities that every business must invest in, as no business can survive without effective marketing and publicity. Although big businesses have no trouble forking out millions for their marketing and advertising, this may be impossible for smaller businesses. This is why many companies are increasingly investing in digital marketing before delving into other forms of advertising. Digital marketing allows businesses to create just as much impact at a much more affordable cost. For example, pay-per-click (PPC) ads allow you to choose your budget. Whether you want to spend R300 or R2000, you set the amount that works best for your company. However, the amount you spend will determine the campaign success. High ROI Regardless of what you believe and choose to run your business, Return On Investment (ROI) is every company’s top priority and digital marketing offers substantial ROI even on small investments. Easier To Measure Traffic It’s much easier to track your success through online advertisements in comparison to traditional marketing methods. For example, if you’re marketing your company on a billboard, it may take weeks or months to evaluate the veracity of a campaign, whereas digital campaigns track every single view, interaction and traffic to your website. Hence, you’ll be able you ascertain exactly how your ad is performing. Target Ideal Prospects Advertisement can sometimes be a gamble; you may produce a textbook ad, but it may not be received well with your target audience. For an ad campaign that is performing well, it is easy to invest more in a simple click of a button. But for an ad that is not delivering as expected, it can be adjusted accordingly or stopped altogether with ease. However, this is not as easily adjustable for traditional marketing and may cost you a little bit more. Traditional advertisements like brochures, flyers, newspapers, radio and television tend to be more rigid. Often, paperwork must be signed and agreements tend to be medium to long-term. Therefore, if your campaign is not working as well as you hoped, subscribers will still have to wait for the expiration of the agreed period and then improve on the next ad. What’s more, digital marketing allows you to make sure that the right consumers are viewing your content. SEO allows you to reach those consumers who are searching the web for content and topics that are relevant to your business. While PPC, display, and social media ads allow you to target those who are most likely to be interested in your products or services based on demographic information and general characteristics. Brand Development Regardless of whether you prefer digital or traditional marketing, it’s still important to have digital platforms as it builds your company’s brand and reputation. A well-developed website, a blog featuring quality content, social media platforms are some simple and affordable ways a business can build its brand. Level the Playing Field It can be challenging for small businesses to compete with larger corporations as there are natural restrictions with regards to budget and resources. But digital marketing tactics are also more affordable, allowing businesses of any sizes to build a relevant presence online and remain competitive online. Unlike traditional marketing tactics that are quite expensive and require large capital for effective placement. Digital marketing also levels the playing field when it comes to presentation. While smaller retailers may not be able to afford the same expensive fixtures, graphics, and other presentation materials for their store, they can easily create an attractive website that enhances the customer experience. If you’re ready to improve your online presence and take full advantage of the benefits of digital marketing, then give us a call today!

SEO 101: Everything You Need Know About Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is important for the success of any online business. However, even those who have a basic understanding of this incredible marketing tool may still struggle with the complexity and multifaceted nature of SEO. Keep reading to learn more about SEO and why it’s important for your business. What is SEO? Essentially, SEO is a set of rules for optimising websites. The higher your ranking, the higher your website will appear in a search engine’s organic results. Hence, potential customers will more likely see your website quicker. However, it’s also considered a complete framework as the entire process has a set of guidelines, a number of stages and a set of controls. What’s more, is that SEO increases the quality of a website by making it more user-friendly and faster. The Important Elements of SEO Keywords Keywords are essentially words and phrases that potential clients use to find online content. Hence, brands can use keywords to connect with prospects who may be in the market their specific products or services. Moreover, it’s important that keywords are well-researched and meticulously chosen in your content in order to be effective. How Do You Choose The Right Keywords? When researching keywords, it’s important to select ones that have high search rates, low competition and to choose short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords and local keywords. You can also use keywords to optimize all your titles, the body of content, URLs, and other on-page SEO elements. But don’t overdo it! When you overuse keywords, you run the risk of over-saturating your content. Content Only through relevant and useful content, can you employ the full benefits of SEO. High-quality content invites prospects to your website and encourages them to stay for longer, increasing your chances of making a sale. Many successful websites use blogs as a means to create inviting content. For example, if you sell hair products and you want to increase your visibility, you can publish blogs relating to hair. Blog topics like “choosing the right shampoo for your hair” and other hair related tips would be useful and relevant. So, when someone googles tips, your website would come up. Additionally, this helps build relationships with prospects by providing valuable information. Consequently, when the person wants to purchase hair products, your company will likely be first to come to mind. However, there are many different types of content that can boost SEO. This includes social media posts, infographics, podcasts, website page content, blogs, videos and more. Moreover, the best type of content is useful, relevant, engaging, shareable and interesting! SEM Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to marketing a business through paid advertisements on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Here, you can bid on keywords that users enter when looking for products or services on Google and Bing. Selecting the right keywords for an adequate amount of money will increase your chances of prospects seeing your website. These types of ads are known as ‘pay-per-click’ (PPC). However, there are different kinds of SEMs including social media ads, display ads, native ads, Google AdWords, Google shopping ads and more. Although Search Engine Marketing (SEM) isn’t usually regarded as a major component of SEO strategy, it is relevant as SEM assists in reaching new and highly targeted audiences. Why is SEO important? To put it plainly, SEO is important for visibility, rankings, website traffic and aiding in the creation of a better user experience. Although other forms of online marketing can contribute to great website traffic, search engines still produce the greatest and most valuable online traffic. Moreover, if your SEO is set up correctly, your traffic can snowball over time whereas advertising requires constant funding in order to push prospects to your website. It must also be noted that search engines simply cannot do it by themselves. As mentioned, it’s important to produce quality content and keywords that are adequately indexed and displayed within search results. Should I Hire a Professional SEO Optimiser or Agency? Optimising SEO can become a tedious task which is why many businesses rely on SEO professionals, consultants and digital agencies to improve their website and SEO. However, it does depend on your business’s size, the complexity of your website, willingness to learn and time. An advantage of hiring an agency is that you’re enabling trained professionals to enhance your traffic, leaving you time to see to other business operations. However, if you have the time and knowledge, then that’s okay too. Additionally, it’s important that you choose the right SEO company for your business. Although a good SEO agency can save you time and money, the wrong one could potentially cause more harm. Ready to improve your business with B Online? Chat to us today for a free consultation!


We’re thrilled to announce our latest client and addition to the B Online family . . . YOUR TABLE! WHAT IS ‘YOUR TABLE’? Your Table is a one-of-a-kind luxury private dining experience in your home. Their expertise lie in personally curating five-star full-course tasting dishes that touch on all your senses (yes, all of them!) No, it’s nothing like a restaurant. Your Table is all-inclusive of highly experienced chefs, waiters, fresh ingredients, cutlery, crockery and the works! Additionally, in order to meet everyone’s expectations, they allow customers to call the shots. Simply chat to them about your event, culinary cravings, dietary requirements and restrictions and they’ll make magic happen! All menus are unique and approved by clients before the event. On the day of the event, chefs and staff purchase fresh ingredients and prepare hours before arriving at the destination. Thereafter, the head-chef sees that every dish is freshly assembled in your kitchen and served in tip-top condition. All that is left is for you to bon Appetit! Additionally, one of the best parts about booking with Your Table is that they leave your kitchen in a sparkling condition, all but remains are the wonderful food memories of the luxury dining experience. HOW WILL B ONLINE GROW YOUR TABLE? In order to build an online presence, we’ve set up a new website for Your Table. In today’s time, having a website is an absolute essential part for all businesses. Not only does it inform your clients about your business and contact details but it also helps to establish credibility. Additionally, our social media marketing also drive website traffic, build brand awareness and promote services across different platforms. Keep an eye out on our website and social media platforms to find out more about Your Table and other innovative clients. Want to improve your website and market online? Chat to us today and we’ll give you a duty-free quotation!

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