39 Steps – Development

Industry: Casting Agency

Developmental Services Offered: Custom Backend Development

Problem: 39 Steps is a casting agency based in South Africa that recruit a variety of models and extras for leading film productions. With an extensive database and recruitment team, 39 Steps are constantly recruiting and utilising all types of extras, action extras, talent, characters, sportsmen as well as actors.

With a broad range of models and numbers constantly growing, 39 Steps was in need of a system to manage their expanding clientbase. Previously run on Excel, the system between 39 Steps and their models became redundant and in need of updating to keep up to speed with their growth.

Solution: The B Online Team developed a customised system which took their previously manually driven strategy into the digital realm. Our team of backend developers created an automated system which helped to manage all models, assign models to projects and implemented an SMS system to communicate when and where shoots were happening.

With the new system in place, 39 Steps were able to digitise their brand presence and in turn were able to manage large numbers in a simplified and effective way.