NightwinG – Design | Development

Industry: Courier Services

Design & Developmental Services Offered: Website Design, Custom Backend Development

Problem: In 2000 NightwinG Couriers began operating a full express courier service with an office in Johannesburg, further expanding to include a Cape Town office in 2006. In 2014 a percentage ownership was acquired in Regional Wholesale Services, a wholesale courier which expanded on their outlying network. NightwinG offer their clients domestic and international express courier services, contract logistics and pick packing.

The B Online Team was approached to help NightwinG modernise their website and create a visually appealing online presence. B Online was additionally tasked to develop a custom system to integrate NightwinG with a third party, to hook into their courier processing system.

Solution: Our team took on the challenge of designing a creative and visually enticing website that would attract new leads through the use of iconography and a vibrant colour palette. Emphasis was put on the development of a clean, vector based website to further express NightwinG’s aim to always remain current.

Our development team created a custom system to integrate with a third party which linked into NightwinG’s courier processing. With the aim to build the bridge between NightwinG’s website tracking and the software used to manage business, pay online and track packages, the new system alleviates any communicatory issues and ultimately simplifies NightwinG’s intricate courier processes.