ASSA (Actuarial Society of South Africa) – Development

Industry: Actuary

Design Services Offered: UI/UX Design, Custom Backend Development

Problem: ASSA serves the public interest through regulating and supporting the actuarial profession in South Africa. ASSA provide world class education to actuarial students to ensure that those qualifying have achieved high levels of knowledge, competence and professionalism. South African actuarial education is widely acknowledged as being amongst the best in the world. Additionally, ASSA aims to establish and monitor standards of professional practice for actuaries, maintain a rigorous disciplinary process, and advance actuarial skill and knowledge to name a few.

cape town development ASSA actuarial society

With a vast number of students and complex task tracking, ASSA approached B Online to create a modernised internal student platform to improve membership functionality and to simplify the interaction between both professional and student.

Solution: The B Online Team was tasked with developing a custom KPI platform which was previously run off Excel and was limiting in terms of interaction. Our team re-developed the previous process into a fully functioning web platform which provided ASSA with the ability to track a student’s progress, track project history and improve interaction between mentors and students. The new internal actuarial mentorship platform brought ASSA’s digital presence to new heights and simplified complex processes for all parties involved.

cape town development ASSA actuarial society

ASSA’s custom student platform has the ability to be updated & is maintained on a constant basis. This ensures ASSA remain at the forefront of their industry and have the ability to grow where needed.

cape town development ASSA actuarial society