We’re thrilled to announce our latest client and addition to the B Online family . . . YOUR TABLE!


Dry Ice Dessert

Your Table is a one-of-a-kind luxury private dining experience in your home. Their expertise lie in personally curating five-star full-course tasting dishes that touch on all your senses (yes, all of them!)

No, it’s nothing like a restaurant. Your Table is all-inclusive of highly experienced chefs, waiters, fresh ingredients, cutlery, crockery and the works!

Fine dining in South Africa

Additionally, in order to meet everyone’s expectations, they allow customers to call the shots. Simply chat to them about your event, culinary cravings, dietary requirements and restrictions and they’ll make magic happen! All menus are unique and approved by clients before the event.

Private Chef South Africa

On the day of the event, chefs and staff purchase fresh ingredients and prepare hours before arriving at the destination. Thereafter, the head-chef sees that every dish is freshly assembled in your kitchen and served in tip-top condition. All that is left is for you to bon Appetit!

Luxury dining at home

Additionally, one of the best parts about booking with Your Table is that they leave your kitchen in a sparkling condition, all but remains are the wonderful food memories of the luxury dining experience.


Digital Agency

In order to build an online presence, we’ve set up a new website for Your Table.

In today’s time, having a website is an absolute essential part for all businesses. Not only does it inform your clients about your business and contact details but it also helps to establish credibility.

Additionally, our social media marketing also drive website traffic, build brand awareness and promote services across different platforms.

Keep an eye out on our website and social media platforms to find out more about Your Table and other innovative clients.

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