Twitter for Business

Sometimes businesses forget that there are many options when is comes to Social Media Marketing. Twitter is currently the fastest growing social media platform – even faster than Facebook! Twitter for business has proven to be an extremely powerful tool for informing, engaging with, and learning about one’s customer.

Twitter for BusinessTwitter is designed to be interactive providing a gateway for consumers to engage directly with a brand – useful for customer relations, crowdsourcing, and brand awareness. Properly utilising Twitter for business requires a comprehensive strategy and investment of time – this is where we come in.

At B Online we specialize in social media content management, meaning that our Tweets are written to ensure optimal engagement (i.e. retweeting and favouriting). Engagement is an expression of a user’s interest in your brand – think of it as 21st century word-of-mouth. Through effective social media management we are able to leverage Twitter’s power to market your brand and protect its public image using Online Reputation Management (ORM) tools.

We are ready to help you seize the power of Twitter and achieve measurable results. Speak to us about how we can successfully integrate Twitter into your marketing portfolio.

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