Logo Design

Every business or brand needs a compelling logo which will carry it into the hearts of consumers. Everything from fonts and colour schemes, as well as imagery and style of the graphics, will play a role in the ultimate brand identity represented by the logo.

All our logo designs are supplied with a comprehensive logo usage breakdown, logo alternatives, font files and all vector files, allowing you to easily expand your logo for large scale print and signage.

Here are just a few of the original logos that our Cape Town based design team have created.

argo logo
argo logo
Beauty Catalogue
Tour Company Logo
Financial Firm Logo
Volt Logo
Luxcon Logo

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As a full service design agency we offer creative, visual communication across a spectrum of executions. This includes graphic design for print, press advertising, marketing collateral, packaging, websites and digital. We also specialize in comprehensive corporate identity design which covers all company branding elements.

Our passion to produce brilliant artwork takes us beyond just delivering a logo, business card, or website. Our collaborative approach to finding the most effective solutions draws on our expertise as creative thinkers, giving us the conviction to create compelling, original designs time and time again.

Bean & Associates required a clean and modern logo design which would immediately carry the prestige of their agency.

The soft cursive font was selected to communicate the dedication and discipline of a samurai, the core values upon which the company is founded.

Bean & Associates Logo
Bean Signage

We treat each logo individually and have experience across a spectrum of design requirements, from corporate to creative logo design. Our designers are also able to assist with brand modernisation and updates. Contact us for more examples and to get us started on your logo.

Brand Extension and Stationary

Once we have established the brand’s logo we are able to extend this into a complete corporate identity. This involves developing graphical elements such as icons, lines and shapes which further convey the brand. These elements are then incorporated through all entities such as the website, company profile, brochures and other stationary to ensure that the brand is conveyed consistently while maintaining subtlety.

Isn’t it time you opted for the best? After all your company deserves it.

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