Google AdWords

Online advertising is vital in order to maintain a strong brand image and presence in an online market that is becoming increasingly saturated. An effective tool, which acts to instantly boost your online traffic and show a increased presence in relation to competition, is Google AdWords. A well-considered Google AdWords Campaign, managed on a monthly basis, equips you with the ability to strategically target the right people at the right time, while maximising return.

AdWords involves creating an ad that appears on Google when online users search for specific keywords that are linked to your offering. AdWords represents an exceedingly cost effective strategy, since you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your website. The cost of that click is purely based on how much you are willing to spend per month, per day, and per ad. One of the most advantageous nuances of AdWords in relation to other advertising methods is that the performance of your campaign is easily measurable, thus allowing you to maximize your ROI.

Interested in an AdWords Campaign?

Our AdWords Campaign Process.

  • Understand the client's business & competitors

    In order to create efficacious ads that will increase the conversion rate of users to your website, it is crucial for us to commence the process by analysing your business, website, advertising goals, and competitors.

  • In-depth website & ranking analysis

    After we have gathered the necessary business information, we will perform a thorough keyword research. Our team will scientifically extract keywords that will best relate to your business.

  • Campaign Development

    An advanced AdWords Campaign, boasting multiple ads, will be set up to ensure the highest level of reach of your target market.

  • Scripting Ads

    Every ad is specifically tailored for each offering in order to get the most desirable results. The ads will be moderated and measured separately to guarantee effectiveness.

  • Landing Pages

    A landing page is a key ingredient in maximizing conversion rates. Our optimization techniques ensure your landing pages grasp a user’s attention, and promote user interaction.

  • Bid Management

    Our team monitors your bids in order to secure ideal ad position and guarantee that you are always paying a minimal amount for maximum conversion rates. AdWords provide the option of automated bid management, however our dedicated team are hands-on at all times.

  • Consistent Maintenance

    Our team is equipped to constantly observe and adjust a campaign where necessary, ensuring you achieve your goals and attain attractive ROI.

  • Results Analysis

    We provide informative monthly feedback reports along with potential suggestions to not only improve your AdWords Campaign, but provide you with insight into your customer base.

  • Revisions

    Every campaign is different and thus necessary revisions must be made in order to achieve the best ROI. Based on results provided daily, our team is able to instantaneously refine our dynamic strategy.

Every Google AdWords Campaign needs to be timely managed and monitored in order to achieve the highest possible ROI. Our AdWords strategists are consistently ensuring you stand out with Google Ads. Contact us for more information and get us started on your Google AdWords Campaign.