Corporate Identity

Whether you are starting a new business or running a successful one, your corporate identity forms the basis to communicating your brand. It is, therefore, imperative that it represents the quality of your company, its goals, and what it stands for. At B Online, our Cape Town based team brings the highest levels of experience to assist from conceptualization through to implementation, of your corporate identity. Being a full service design agency allows us to ensure that our high standards are consistent every step of the way. We oversee that your identity and branding speaks a consistent message, no matter the platform.

If you’re in need of a corporate identity, logo, brochure or any design work, you’ve come to the right place. We deliver timeless, professional work, and ensure that your brand identity is kept intact throughout the process.

Corporate Identity Consultation

Corporate Identity Case Study

Problem Statement

Inclusivity Solutions operates in the B2B sector, linking mobile phone operators with insurance services in an attempt to expand access to inclusive digital insurance solutions for emerging markets.

Slogan: “Experts in creating inclusive digital insurance markets”.

Our Approach 

After a comprehensive interview process with Inclusivity Solutions’ Marketing Director and an extensive brainstorming period, our team was able to lay the initial ground work. With a strong burnt orange impact colour, representative of a modern digital company, and a grey complimenting colour palette, we developed the perfect logo.



Tagline Design

Colour Scheme

Colour Scheme

Logo Inverse

Logo Inverse

Font Scheme


Once the base of the corporate identity and branding is complete we are able to extend it to all the stationary, marketing material and online presence to form a complete corporate identity.

One Page Flyer

Business Flyer


Graphic Design
Info Graphic

Business Cards


Social Media

Twitter Cover



That’s just a taste of the corporate identity material we were able to design for Inclusivity Solutions. If you are interested in seeing some more, or getting us started on your project, then contact us now!