B Online is a young, dynamic and rapidly growing digital
service agency. Our passion for the online world and
dedication to our clients is what sets us apart from other
agencies. We are constantly looking for fresh, up-and-coming
talent to join our energetic and skilled team.

What we Look for:

Accountability –
At B Online you will be required to work in teams as
individually. No matter the work schedule we expect team
members to accept responsibility and exceed goals.

Passion –
We look for people who do what they do because they love
it. after all thats the reason our clients love us.

Ambition –
As a growing company we look for people who are ready
to grow with us.

Current Vacancies

We are looking for a junior web designer/developer to join our rapidly growing dynamic team. Our company works with a variety of clients in Cape Town and Johannesburg providing a full spectrum of digital services.

Candidates must have a comprehensive portfolio of past work and a high competency with WordPress development, including child theme development, plugin customisation and development.

Required Skills

– 1 year -2 years’ experience



– JavaScript/JQuery

– Strong WordPress knowledge

– Interest in UIX


– Adobe Products – Photoshop, Illustrator

– Strong work ethic

– Leadership qualities

This position is based in Cape Town.

Please supply a 2-Page CV and a Cover Letter or Portfolio. Applicants who do not follow these requirements will not be considered.

Looking for a developer with a passion for JavaScript or PHP to join our team. We work on a variety of products and projects ranging from exciting startups to international insurance companies.

What are we looking for in a JS Developer?

– 2 year of JavaScript Experience

– Must be comfortable writing according to (at least) the ES6 spec.

– Experience with a Javascript Library or Framework

– Leverages tools such as Webpack, babel, and gulp, in development.

What are we looking for in a PHP Developer?

– 3 years of Development experience, a minimum of 1 year of PHP experience.

– Experience in working with a MVC Framework

What we we looking for in general?

– Comfortable with the terminal on Linux systems.

– Git for version control (obviously).

– Extensive HTML Experience

– CSS Experience (SCSS specifically)

Who are we looking for?

– Someone who is comfortable learning new tech.

– Has a desire to improve current methods used in development and work flows.

– At least tries to stay knowledgeable of current happenings in the dev world.

– Works well in a team environment but you’re not dependent on a team to get work done.

– Cares about the reliability and readability of code.

– Is focused on improving as a developer regardless of how much you currently know.

What will really impress us?

– You have built a production-ready application with a tech stack beyond Vanilla PHP + HTML + Vanilla JS.

– A passion for functional paradigms.

– War stories refactoring your own spaghetti code.

– A desire to learn Nodejs (if you don’t know it already).

– Experience with type-heavy languages.

– If you’ve done anything with Raspberry Pis.

– Knowledge regarding scalability in large-systems.

– If you share our hatred of `this` in Javascript.

What we can offer:

– A Monthly Coursera subscription for you to use to develop your own skills

– Free (amazing) coffee.

– Pool Table.

– Awesome projects to work on.

– An open-minded development team who are willing to take on new challenges.

– Opportunities to develop your skills outside of your comfort zone.

– Weird developers who like Rails.

Please apply below with your 2 Page CV.

Looking to develop your skills to become a world changing developer? Awesome!

At B Online we’re looking for talented developers who are keen to dive into the full stack of the web. We offer experience in a range of technologies and areas of expertise- from integrating custom components into existing CMS systems to developing and maintaining end-to-end solutions for clients and in-house products.

You’ll get a chance to work with a dedicated and diverse team of developers who are excited by tech and deliver usable products with the best tech for the job.

What we’re looking for:

– BSc in IT (or an equivalent degree) or evidence of at least 1 year of professional development experience.

– Involvement in development communities (hackathons, meetups, github commits, etc.)

– Good understanding of concepts such as Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, Class Based Inheritance, and Memoization.

– A basic understanding of the components of a website beyond what is rendered. (Server-side assets, client-side assets, database structures, communication between front-end and back-end).

– Experience working with SQL or another form of querying a database.

– Understanding the importance and role of Data Structures.

– Evidence of learning outside of a formal education environment.

Beyond the boring stuff, we’re looking for a dev who…

– Has a interest in learning new technologies.

– Manages their own time and doesn’t need someone constantly looking over their shoulders.

– Cares about implementing the optimal solution to any given problem.

– Has a desire to code in a scalable, readable, and structured manner.

– Driven by self-improvement.

– (Bonus Round) Knows who Jon Snow’s mother is.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make a difference at B Online, please apply below.

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If you think you’ve got what it takes to make a difference at B Online, please apply.

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